Specialist writing for your tech niche


You’ll get a dedicated tech writer working as an extension of your team.

From fintech to AI, we have the writer for you.

Having a dedicated tech writer ensures efficient communication and a consistent tone of voice across all of your content.

Moreover, you’ll have a one-stop shop for all your content needs  whether you need articles, whitepapers, or case studies.

We conduct interviews with your subject matter experts.

Our secret sauce for top-quality content: expert interviews. 

Think of us as your in-house journalists, unlocking a wealth of knowledge and ideas from your experts that leads to unique, compelling content. 

Our refined interview process ensures the best use of your experts’ time.



We identify topics you should be writing about.

By monitoring industry publications, analyzing trending keywords, and talking to your clients or prospects, we know what your audience wants to read about.



We deliver your content on time, every time.

We deliver first drafts within 5 business days. For larger projects such as whitepapers, we deliver within 10 business days.

Our collaboration tool makes it easy for you to review, edit and approve the content.


We incorporate your feedback for future content.

Like a self-learning algorithm, we log all your edits and notes in a style guide and apply them for future content pieces.

Open to learning more?

or email us at niels@leadwave.io

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