Content strategy for maximum impact

Behind great content there’s always a great plan.
We help you build one.


1. We research your target audience.

Having a deep understanding of your audience is the most fundamental step in creating relevant content. Your audience likely consists of different stakeholders that influence the buying decision. Each stakeholder needs a different type of content.

We research each stakeholder and identify their ambitions, challenges and frustrations. The research also uncovers what kind of content they read and where they read it. 


2. We analyze your competitors.

While you should always focus on your own strengths as a company, analyzing your competition gives us heaps of useful information. What are they publishing and is it resonating? Are there any gaps in their content we can exploit?


3. We identify and analyze industry trends.

By monitoring publications from industry influencers and blogs, we get insight into what’s being talked about at a broader industry level. Our comprehensive keyword research also analyzes what people are searching for in your niche.

This data enables us to identify trending topics and come up with relevant articles that will strike a chord with your audience.



4. We develop a promotional plan for all your channels.

You can write the best content in the world, but it’s useless if no one sees it. We create a promotional plan to distribute your content on your owned channels (website, email, social media), earned channels (SEO, press, partner sites) and paid channels (PPC, social media advertising, paid partnerships).


5. We create your data-driven content calendar.

Using all collected data, we create a list of topics that are highly relevant for your audience. This includes distribution guidelines for each of your channels, so you’ll know exactly what content is planned for the next 3 months.


6. We develop your measurement framework. 

How are you going to know if your content is successful? We’ll help you to identify what to measure and how to optimize for success.

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