Content consulting for boosting revenue

Optimize your current content activities to drive more awareness and revenue.

1. We help you convert your leads.

You have new leads who signed up for your newsletter or downloaded your whitepaper. That’s great, but now what? How are you going to convert them into sales appointments? This is where many companies struggle.

We create a content playbook that aligns your sales and marketing efforts to get more qualified sales appointments from your marketing qualified leads (MQLs).


2. We help your experts build their personal brand.

People like to engage with people, not logos. Many organizations make the mistake of publishing all their content via their LinkedIn company page, company Twitter account, and so on. A costly mistake because individual profiles generate up to 5 times more reach than company profiles.

We develop a personal branding plan that will position your experts as the company’s thought leaders. We can also execute this plan on your behalf, so you can focus on what you do best.


3. We audit your existing content.

Analyzing how your existing content is performing is the only way to determine what works and improve upon it. We evaluate what content is missing, what you can get rid of, and how you can strengthen what you keep. We also advise you how to repurpose your existing content into other formats.

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