How a Consulting Firm Generated Over £300k Revenue in 7 Months Using LeadWave's Thought Leadership Model

About The Client

The client is a management consulting firm that helps companies to hire, develop and incentivize talent. 

The client was successful but had not grown quickly enough to meet their goals. Due to the industry culture and the nature of their service, top-line revenue growth was stagnant. The client heavily relied on referrals. This made it difficult to consistently fill their pipeline, resulting in slower than anticipated growth.

“Our industry operates very much by word of mouth, so business growth is relatively unpredictable. To fuel our growth, we wanted to build our thought leadership to stay top of mind with our audience, engaging them, and starting new conversations.” 

Goals & Challenges

The client had clear marketing goals:

  • Goal 1: Generate brand awareness and position the CEO as a thought leader in organizational development.
  • Goal 2: Create quality content to educate the target audience on key industry trends.
  • Goal 3: Start conversations with high-value leads. 

In building their thought leadership, the client faced the following challenges: 

  • They didn’t have time to write articles due to client work. 
  • They weren’t sure what would resonate with their target audience.
  • They didn’t know how to promote their content, as their previous efforts had resulted in low engagement. 

The Solution

Here are the steps we implemented for our client:

  1. Researched their ideal client to understand their challenges and to determine what would motivate them to take action.

  2. Identified key trends and topics through industry and competitor research.

  3. Analyzed their website to unveil content gaps and keyword opportunities.

  4. Built a strong, optimized LinkedIn profile that would establish the CEO as the industry authority.

  5. Created content strategy and an editorial calendar. From here, we started to produce weekly articles and LinkedIn posts.

  6. Promoted the content on LinkedIn, Medium and email and to spark visibility and engagement.

  7. Started conversations with high-value leads that engaged with the content using our multi-step messaging approach. From here, we coached the client to convert these conversations into meetings.

  8. Created a follow-up email sequence with valuable content to stay top-of-mind with their prospects and position the CEO as a trusted advisor.

The Results 

Within just 7 months of working with LeadWave, the client got the following results: 

  • Closed 3 new clients totaling over $300k in revenue. 
  • Generated an additional pipeline of over $250k in sales opportunities scheduled to close later in the year. 
  • 32 conversations with highly qualified leads. 
  • 14 thought leadership articles that got over 200.000 views on LinkedIn. 
  • 600% increase in engagement (from 0.5% to 3.1%). 
  • 350% increase in monthly website traffic. 

“Having a marketing system has been one of our primary goals but we never got around to developing one because client projects demanded our full attention. Thanks to LeadWave’s quality writing and systemized approach, we were able to establish our position as an industry thought leader and start new conversations with our target audience.’’ 

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