Case Study

How A Consulting Firm Generated Over $300k Revenue And 40 High-Value Appointments Within 7 Months

About The Client

The client is an innovation consulting firm that helps companies innovate by incubating innovation departments inside existing organizations. The company mainly targets CEOs and Heads of Strategy of tech companies with a minimum turnover of $100 million.

The Challenge

The client was successful but had not grown quickly enough to meet their goals. Also, due to the industry culture and the nature of their service, they found themselves highly dependent on referrals. This made it difficult to consistently fill their pipeline, which resulted in slower growth than they anticipated.

“Our industry operates very much on word of mouth. It’s a referral-based business because of the significant investment for our clients. That’s fine, but it takes time, and it’s relatively unpredictable. So we were looking for other strategies to accelerate growth.”

The client had already tried a few things, including:

  • Creating a downloadable report on their website
  • Organizing webinars
  • Paid LinkedIn advertising

While these marketing tactics gave them some traction, they ended up with general prospects who weren’t a good fit.

The client needed to establish their position as an industry thought leader and to get in touch with targeted, qualified leads. That’s when they decided to work with LeadWave.

The Solution

The client was already very comfortable building relationships, which has always been their preferred way to sell. When they learned about our unique system to create thought leadership content, find targeted prospects and build relationships with them using LinkedIn and email, the strategy aligned perfectly with the client’s ambition.

Here are the steps we implemented for our client:

  1. Researching their ideal client to understand their challenges and to determine what motivates these prospects to take action.

  2. Analyzing their website and competitors to unveil content gaps and keyword opportunities.

  3. Creating a thought leadership strategy and a content calendar to build credibility and top-of-mind awareness. From here, we started to produce weekly articles and LinkedIn posts.

  4. Building a strong, optimized LinkedIn profile that would establish the CEO as a leading expert in his field.

  5. Identifying and connecting with highly targeted prospects on LinkedIn.

  6. Developing and nurturing strategic relationships through LinkedIn messaging and email, using our multi-step messaging sequence – positioning the CEO as a trusted advisor.

  7. Finally, we opened the conversation to an appointment.

The Results

Within 7 months of working with LeadWave, the client closed 3 contracts totaling over $300k in revenue. Upon that, the client’s pipeline has grown with $500k on opportunities that are expected to be closed later in the year.

“Having a marketing system has been one of our primary goals as a company. However, we never got around to it because of client projects that demanded our full attention. Thanks to LeadWave’s systemized approach, we were able to focus on closing new clients instead of finding them.’’

Furthermore, the CEO has grown its LinkedIn network with over 1900 high-value prospects.

‘’Having an ever-growing network is really valuable for us. A growing audience means a higher reach, which helps us establish our position as an industry thought leader. Producing thought leadership content also keeps our audience engaged on a long-term basis, which is important for our business model given the long buyer cycles.’’


Niels van Melick

Founder & CEO

Thought leadership will continue to drive awareness, reputation and revenue. When consulting firms don’t have the time or expertise to execute on this, we step in.

At LeadWave, we specialize in thought leadership content & branding for consulting firms. As an extension of your team, we strategize, create quality content and build your online target audience.

Learn how to drive better ROI from your thought leadership in a free strategy call.

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