How Content Is Your Most Valuable Asset For Growth

Knowledge is the cornerstone of any consulting firm. In today’s digital world, high-quality content serves as the perfect tool to display your expertise.  Companies that don’t gear up their online presence will risk a competitor moving into the space they leave behind. But more importantly, content can be a major growth driver for your consulting firm.

While word of mouth and referrals have historically been crucial to consultancy, content is king in today’s digital world. After all, the content you create differentiates you. It defines who you are and allows others to get to know your business.

The ROI Of Content

Online content can be difficult to value. And yet, research shows 77% of CEOs say thought leadership improves their perception of a brand’s ability to meet their needs. The ROI comes from the worth of being top-of-mind for both existing and potential customers based on answers to:

  • What is a new client or project worth to your business?
    For many consulting firms, a new client could be worth long-term hundreds of thousands of dollars. The opportunity for spill-over from one piece of work to the next can be far-reaching. It only takes a single new client or project to justify the cost to create the content.

  • What does being relevant mean to your business?
    When people have access to content that inspires and stimulates them visually and cognitively, it improves their perception of the brand. They begin to believe in its ability to meet their needs and deliver their goals. Creating a focused set of content with unique insight could retain existing business and secure new leads. 

Unlike any other asset, content can be repurposed many times as your business grows. One article or video with a small reach on your company blog can be shared on YouTube or LinkedIn and attract a large audience.

A repurposed article can become a video, a white paper, or an infographic.  Whether provided as part of consultancy with a new client, or a marketing campaign, content can have longevity.

How Content Can Help To Close Deals

When customers see you as a thought leader, they are more likely to choose your brand over a competitor. They will more readily engage in dialogue and consider your company for a new business opportunity.

Strategic content and the quality of thought leadership can directly aid your sales process by influencing where the deal lands. 

Whether the purpose is to entertain, sell, educate, or persuade, sales enablement content can be valuable as a:

  • Conversation starter for sales
  • “Leave behind” for clients at the end of meetings
  • Answer to concerns or challenges
  • Internal promotion within organizations
  • Differentiator between you and your competitors
  • Showcase for your skills and success stories to build trust

Inspiring content that offers practical guidance and deep market insight has tangible value to your firm by increasing the close rate. 

How Content Can Help To Generate More Work From Existing Clients

Existing clients can offer the greatest opportunity for increasing revenue. Consistent publishing keeps you top-of-mind and supports a solid relationship with the client to continue their sell across the business. After all, while many consulting firms sign only a small number of new clients each year, they manage multiple new projects from existing accounts.

Regular, high-quality content will keep you relevant. Showcasing your expertise and additional service lines with your existing client base as a marketing strategy leads to internal referrals.  

Why Content is One of Your Most Valuable Assets

Writing content forces you to clarify your thinking. When you create articles, posts, and videos, you focus on the message you want to share with existing or new clients.

While content has a cost, in both time and money, you have an asset at the end of the day. It can be seen as an investment in both brand and future growth. Being top-of-mind may not generate revenue straight away, and yet, six months down the line could lead to a referral, lead, or new project.

Content is your most valuable asset for establishing your consulting firm’s position as a thought leader. An investment of one or two hours per week will lead to regular publishing and the potential of increased ROI over twelve months.



Niels van Melick

Founder & CEO

Thought leadership will continue to drive awareness, reputation and revenue. When consulting firms don’t have the time or expertise to execute on this, we step in.

At LeadWave, we specialize in thought leadership content & branding for consulting firms. As an extension of your team, we strategize, create quality content and build your online target audience.

Learn how to drive better ROI from your thought leadership in a free strategy call.

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