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Did you know that individuals have 5 times more reach than a company brand? We help position your subject matter experts as the industry thought leaders, bringing more eyes to your business than ever before.

Drive more revenue

Great content starts conversations with your target prospects, shortens your sales cycle, and builds customer loyalty.
Read our case study to see how we help clients to grow their business with our Thought Leadership Model.

Save 7+ hours per week

Writing and promoting your own content can take up a lot of time. For many firms, this is time they would rather invest in their clients. Working as an extension of your team, we’re able to save you 7+ hours per week.


How a Consulting Firm Generated £300k in 7 Months Using LeadWave’s Thought Leadership Model

LeadWave’s Thought Leadership Model


Content Strategy

Without a solid content strategy, you’re doomed to fail. Content strategy is the foundation for everything we do. 

  • We research your target audience. What are their specific challenges, what are their fears and what frustrates them?
  • We analyze your competitors. What are they publishing, is it resonating, and are there any gaps we can exploit? 
  • We identify your big ideas. What do you want to be known for, and what makes it unique?
These insights allow us to create a comprehensive content plan that aligns with your business goals.


Expert Interview

We have developed an interview process that allows us to capture your ideas and tone of voice. Guided by the editorial calendar, our content strategist prepares and conducts interviews with your subject matter experts. 

Our clients love this interview process because:

  • Your subject matter experts are busy people. Instead of spending hours to write articles themselves, they now only have to show up for the interview.
  • We help you refine existing ideas and uncover insights worth sharing.
  • Talking about their areas of expertise comes naturally to them; it’s a comfortable process.


Content Writing

If you want to establish thought leadership, you need to earn the trust of your audience. Content that builds trust is highly targeted, relevant, and practical for your audience. It caters to their most important challenges and gives them unique insights into how to solve their problems. This is what real thought leadership content is about  and writing it is our specialty.

Whether you need blogs, whitepapers or LinkedIn posts: we’ve got you covered. As an extension of your team, our strategist and writer work closely with you to create quality content. Our flexible collaboration tools make it easy for you to review, edit, and approve the content.


Content Promotion

Writing good content isn’t enough. Without a promotional plan, your audience won’t read it. 

We believe that thought leadership should be built around the company’s subject matter experts. Not only do individuals have 5 times more reach than a company brand, but people like to engage with people – not with logos.

Our marketing experts create a promotional plan that aligns with your business goals and budget. When it comes to social media, SEO, paid advertising or PR: we know what works (and what doesn’t).

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